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Sharp Squares

Sep 3, 2021

Eric and Greg get you ready for the NFL season with a special, Sharp Squares ``Training Camp” series. 


This episode Rob Pizzola (@robpizzola), COO of and Co-host of the Circles Off Sports Betting Podcast visits with the guys. Greg and Eric ask about Rob’s favorite value based bets, mistakes the recreational bettor often makes and how to assess what you see early on in the NFL season, and then take advantage of it. 


They close the conversation with a deep dive into how to win your Supercontest like pools by leveraging ”frozen lines.” 


This episode is sponsored by the Sharp Squares Community on Discord. Sign up by going to and use the coupon code “trainingcamp” by September 12 to get $10 off the annual membership of $49.99.  You gain access to all other members and the crib notes we take on all the podcasts we cover each week. 


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